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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Al Romao is currently living and seeing clients in Saugerties, NY

Al has moved his practice from NJ to the Hudson Valley and Catskill regions of New York state.  As a result he is no longer seeing clients out of his New Jersey location.

Shamanism is a school of spiritual techniques that have been used by indigenous cultures since before written history. Many indigenous cultures that survive today continue to utilize shamanic practices within their community.

When used for healing, shamanism offers a venue for deep work to happen. Primary focuses include the restoration of personal power that has been lost or depleted, the removal of harmful energy that may be imbedded or attached to a person, and the balancing or fortification of our soul. The primary goal is to affect the proper spiritual shifts so that emotional, physical, and mental healing can take place.

It is important to remember that the practitioner is simply a facilitator of healing; they are a willing vessel for the healing spirits to move through. The true healing happens through the client and through the healing spirits that are invited in for the work.

Healing Modalities that Al offer's:  (All listed below)

Shamanic Healing Ceremony
Shamanic healing ceremonies can assist a person with all facets of life, spiritual, physical and emotional healing.  The spirits guide Al to what type of healing work may be needed for this session with a client.  A Shamanic healing ceremony may encompasses many Shamanic Healing modalities of sounds and song and prayer.

Extraction Healing
Extraction healing is the shamanic technique of removing unwanted energy within a person's auric field and within their person.  Al uses different types of extraction tools to help remove any unwanted energy that may be within a person.
Through our lives and our daily contact with the physical world we are bombarded by energies and thoughts that do not belong to us. These energies can attach themselves and take up residence in our being. This foreign energy can then create blockages and imbalance that leads to physical illness, emotional blockages, and a lack on mental clarity. Through the process of Extraction Healing I connect to my helping spirits and scan a person on an energetic/spirit level to detect where these energy intrusions reside. I then let my helping spirits draw out these energy intrusions from a person so that they can be returned back to the universe and go where they are needed.

Soul Retrieval
Soul Retrieval is a process of returning fragmented, stifled, or "lost" aspects of a person to them to restore wholeness of the soul. Through trauma, extended neglect, or mistreatment we may suffer from what is known as Susto or Soul Loss. This is a sense of feeling like part of us is missing or no longer accessible. We may feel "dead" or "numb" inside, apathetic about life, or as if we are a passenger in our own body. Through Soul Retrieval a shaman enters a trance state to find these missing or fragmented parts of the soul and return them to a client with the aid of the healing spirits.

Sound Healing Therapy
Sound healing therapy can be extremely beneficial to a person who is experiencing forms of sleep loss, nightmares, a loss of connection to a person, place or thing. Or needing to go deep within their soul's core for healing and transformation.  I use all types of sound healing instruments throughout this process.  Tibetan Singing bowls, African tongue drums, cymbals, rattles, drums, chimes to name a few.
Throughout this session, let the sound bathe you in its vibrations to help purify the mind, body and spirit. 

Sound Healing Therapy sessions are 1 hour in length and cost $80.
They do not include counseling.

Shamanic Counseling - Via Phone, Skype or in person
This new offering is for those clients who are established that are seeking counseling from a distance.  These sessions can be through either Skype or Phone and scheduled in advance.  The Shamanic Counseling sessions do not include any form of Shamanic Healing, it includes divination and verbal communication to assist you in your life.

In person, Skype or phone Sessions last 1 hour - $75.00

Power Animal Retrieval
In most Shamanic cultures a person is accompanied throughout their life with their personal power animal.  We are all born with this companion, but not always connected to our animal spirit.  During this ceremony, a person will be reunited with their Power animal and rebirthed together to walk this life with o

ne another.  Each person receives a stone that has their personal power animal's essence blown into for them to carry with them as a reminder of their animal companion.

Psychopomp is the process of assisting a spirit or soul to cross over to the spirit world.  In this healing ceremony, I will help to assist a person or animal to "find the light" and to cross over to the spirit world to be reunited with loved ones. 

Gemstone Healing Therapy
Gemstones have incredible energy, spirit and life to them.  During this ceremony, I will use the many different gemstones and sacred rocks that I have been gifted with to help in ones healing process.  Gemstone Healing can be very beneficial in assisting a person with balancing their auric field, extracting unwanted energy or to be filled with healing power of the intention used for the specific stone.  I will use a gemstone grid of anywhere from 10-30 stones, placing them on and around your body.

This is a purification technique to cleanse a persons energy and aura. We most commonly work with a fan of dried leaves from the jungle called a chacapa. The leaves are shaken like a rattle and used to sweep a person down, drawing harmful energy away from them as this is done. The process is commonly accompanied by challay, which is the ritual spraying of a person with flower waters. Sometimes eggs are also used in this process to draw illness from the body into the eggs- which are then burned or buried after the ceremony.

Chumpi "Apu" Stone Healing
The word Chumpi translated in the "Quechua" language to the word Belt.  The word "Apu" translated to the word Mountain.  In Peru, a Curandero or Chumpi master uses these very unique healing stones to create what is called the "bands of power" around a person.  This process can create bands of protection around a person to shield them from any unwanted energy they may encounter during their every day to day life. 
Chumpi stones are also used in balancing a person's Chakra's.  I use 12 chumpi stones to balance all of a person's Chakra's.  I recently worked with a Shaman in Peru to receive the rites and initiations to work with this very ancient healing ceremony.

Personal Power Retrieval
Throughout our daily life, we can be a like a sponge and absorb a lot of energy that we may not need.  Throughout this process, I help to "ring you out" so that that heaviness one may be carrying around is no longer present within your auric field. This process assists a person in feeling their personal power and to feel whole again.

Healing Rhythm's Drum Circle
During this evening, all participants will be joining together in a beautiful circle of sound healing.  Each circle is different each month.  Healing Rhythms encompasses sound healing, group drumming and partnered work.  See the calendar for an up and coming drum circle near you.

Infant Blessing
Throughout many Indigenous cultures, upon a child's birth the tribe Shaman would perform a blessing and ritual for the baby to help them be protected with love, health and prosperity throughout their life.  In this ceremony, Al works with the infant with a power animal retrieval and soul retrieval to assist the child in starting out their beautiful life as pure as possible and to be connected to their animal spirit to walk their life with them. 
With this ceremony, I can travel to the home of the child or the child with the parents may come to my healing space. 

Shamanic healing and Counseling for Gay men
Many gay men seek a place of safety, comfort and trust.  Sessions with another Gay man can assist in that process.  Opening your heart and soul to another man who understands.

Shamanic Healing for Adults with Autism or special needs
In the past couple of years I have been introduced to very specific healing spirits that assist in helping a person who is Autistic.  I travel to the spirit worlds to meet them in their world to communicate with the client and to work with healing techniques within the spirit world.  I also incorporate a lot of sound healing within these sessions as the brain connects to the vibrations of sound and healing. 
Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied with their adult guardian during all sessions.

Fairy Stone Healing Ceremony
Fairy stones are not to be thought of as connecting to the Fairy realm or the Sidhe, this is a nickname for these specific stones given by the Native Indians of Canada.
These stones are from the pacific Northwest Indian nations of the United States and Canada and have been used by the native people's for centuries in healing ceremonies and offerings to the spirits. 
I work with these specific stones to assist a person in connecting to their higher self, spirit and the creator.  During this ceremony, I will place the 12 Fairy Stones on or around you and use sound therapy to activate the healing power within each stone to bring power, healing and connection to the client.  They can also be used to assist a person in re-connecting them to their spirit helpers.

Shamanic Divination
Shamanic Divination is a timeless tool that helps a person seek healing and guidance through the casting of Sacred Stones.  This process helps to bring the past, present and future together to aid and empower a person to find the guidance they may need, to assist in shifts and change within their life.

Al sees clients for private sessions at his home in Saugerties NY.
for more information and scheduling please call: 732-670-6141

Shamanic Healing: $120

Sessions are about an hour and a half in length